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About Astraea Healing Connection


Kristina Terzieva, founder of Astraea Healing Connection, has a long-standing interest in energy medicine and Hermetic philosophy, which has evolved over the years to become an integral part of her daily life. Motivated by a quest for self-discovery, she became interested in Hermetic philosophy in her late teens. In her twenties, she was introduced to Reiki and Tai Chi as forms of balancing the energy within the physical body and beyond. While her education and worldly life pursuits took her to explore an academic degree and a profession in the field of international affairs, Kristina remained true to her interest in energy healing and the desire to bring in harmony the above and the below – the world within her and around her. 

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

 Life’s twists and turns, involving many ups and downs, deepened her interest in the metaphysical and motivated her desire to align her life more closely with her Soul’s mission on Earth. She explored different energy healing modalities, mostly as means of self-help, ranging from Essential Energy Balancing (developed by Diane Stein), through the Gateway Experience (pioneered by Robert Monroe), to shamanic journeying, incorporating aspects of astrology, as well as Soul Realignment, based on work with the Akashic Records (modality advanced by Andrrea Hess). Kristina experienced various setbacks, which propelled her to broaden her holistic health horizon further and continue to explore new modalities.     

Throughout this journey, she found that Reiki energy has been her guiding light and a "universal medicine" in its own right, helping her deal with health-related issues and opening new doors on other levels as well. In this way, Kristina came to recognize and appreciate Reiki as a holistic medicine in the broadest sense. The profound connection with Reiki, which she understands as Buddha’s Light, motivated her intent to become a Reiki Master Teacher, after 20 years of having worked with this energy on different levels.

As a natural progression, her interest in Reiki sparked a passion for Japanese calligraphy, which she has turned into and art-type hobby. The affinity for kanji characters, combined with her love for pastel drawing, produced a number of art works, which subsequently brought Kristina to the Mantra of Light: Komyo Shingon – a centerpiece of Japanese Shingon Buddhism. This mantra holds a special place in Kristina’s spiritual development as it provided a major gateway for accelerated growth that took her to fascinating new heights on her ascension path, which is still evolving.

In this new chapter, her focus remains Reiki energy and spreading the light through offering training and distance healing. In addition, Kristina has dedicated significant time and resources into sound healing and, last, but not least, voice spectrum analysis – which tie together the above and the below – thus answering her initial quest for bringing into harmony body, mind, and soul. For Kristina, sound healing has proven to be another type of “universal medicine” – similar to Reiki, as well as a potent tool for inter-dimensional healing.

Currently, Kristina continues to work as a public service professional – her day-time job, so to speak, but has chosen to consciously transform her reality by realigning her worldly path to match more closely her Soul’s choices and self-expression for this Earthly walk. Astraea Healing Connection was born out of this profound desire to embody her true self. The main belt asteroid 5 Astraea, named after the ancient Greek virgin Goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision, in Kristina’s astrological birth chart is conjunct with Kristina’s North Node, which combined with the focus on holistic health, gave rise to the name: Astraea Healing Connection. 

May the Mantra of Light illuminate your path, 
bringing you joy, inner peace, and harmony!
Komyo Shingon (Japanese)

On abokya beiroshano makabodara mani handoma jimbara harabaritaya un.


Vairocana Mantra (Sanskrit)

Om amogha vairocana mahamudra mani padma jvala pravarttaya hum.

Praise to the unfailing, all-pervasive illumination of the great mudra (or seal of the Buddha),

the jewel, the Lotus, and the radiant light turning (or existing in our world).

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