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  • Kristina Terzieva

Creativity Unbound: The Healing Force of Creative Energy

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

“Creative energy is the essence of all healing...

We physicians do nothing, we only help and encourage the physician within.”

- Albert Schweitzer

Creativity has many faces and when we think of the term, in and of itself, we rarely connect it to healing. For the most part, we associate it with arts – be it visual or performing – or crafts, but healing does not often come to mind when we think of the creative energy, which we embody. Harnessing this energy and channeling it through a healing modality could be a very potent tool.

My recent experience with a release of an energy blockage in the area of the sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) – energy center around the level of the navel – led me to believe that our creative energy could be an unbound source that we can tap into and direct towards healing, similar to the energy of love, or even Reiki. I have had experience in offering healing with love energy and it has made an impactful difference. As a Reiki practitioner, I have occasionally incorporated love's healing energy when practicing on myself and others. Now I have discovered that creative energy that we tap into through our sacral chakra could be similarly used for healing.

If you are a Reiki, or sound healing practitioner, you may invite this energy to assist and guide you during a session as you work with clients. Alternatively, when used for self-healing it could be channeled through vocal toning or chanting. Here is a simple daily practice for clearing the sacral chakra.

Take a deep breath in, deep bellow the belly button, as you hold the breath, visualize a color of your choice, which you associate with creativity. As you exhale, let the breath out with OOO (as in “you”) or chant the seed mantra VAM. Self-created sound can be a powerful tool for healing. The effect would be further enhanced by adding externally-generated sound. A crystal bowl tuned to the key of D (“Re”) would be a great accompaniment, as the note D corresponds to the sacral chakra.

To enhance this practice further, you may use a crystal that you associate with creativity. For me, sunstone (heliolite) epitomizes this type of energy. Incorporating this stone in your daily meditation, or energy healing modality, be it for yourself or others, promotes vitality and stimulates the body’s innate self-healing powers.



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