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  • Kristina Terzieva

Sound Medicine: Self-healing Through the Transformational Power of Your Own Voice

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

“Self-created sound affects you from inside out, whereas external sound affects you from outside in. Self-created sounds create a vibratory force – a resonance – within you that is difficult and frequently impossible to achieve through any other means. Different parts of the body, especially the brain would resonate with the sound. Some like to say that self-created sound gives you an internal massage.”

– Jonathan Goldman

My experience in the field of sound healing began relatively recently with a quest for the Sanskrit version of the 100-syllable mantra (Vajrasattva Mantra), known for its purifying effects on the listener, or the one who chants it. In my search for the Sanskrit rendition, I chanced upon the YouTube channel of Nepali sound healer – Anup Panthi. This serendipitous encounter introduced me to sound as form of medicine.

My motivation for seeking sound solutions, no pun intended, came in response to the transformation that I experienced, based on my pervious encounter with the Mantra of Light (Vairocana Mantra). I felt an energetic block that constricted my ability to express myself and to manifest my true potential. I felt that chanting mantras helped dispel, or lift off, even if temporarily, the energy that caused these constraints.

My further exploration in the field of sound as means of changing one’s energy field led me to the work of John Stuart Reid, a British acoustic-physics scientist, who works in the field of cymatics – sound made visible. Given his research background, Reid had been interested in experimenting with acoustics for years. One particular event turned his attention to the potential medicinal properties of sound and using it as means of healing the body. During an acoustics study of the Great Pyramid of Giza, he experienced a considerable relief in his lower back, which he had injured prior to his visit to Egypt. This life event impacted Reid’s career steering his research in the direction of sound healing and cymatics.

Reid’s story fascinated my imagination and I started looking for literature discussing the use of sound in ancient Egypt as means of bringing about transformation on energy level, including the physical body. From one keyword to another, I found myself going through online articles and lectures on this subject. Most notably, a lecture by Ani Williams: “Hermetic Sound Science - Egyptian Roots of Modern Sound Healing” caught my eye, as it offered a comprehensive overview of the use of “sound medicine” in the ancient world, including ancient Egypt.

Williams’ work quickly captivated my mind and I sought to read more of her lectures and articles. Soon enough, I started exploring her site: Songaia Sound Medicine and became convinced that a voice analysis session with her would be the key to my energy conundrum. Scheduling a voice analysis session happened fortuitously right around the vernal equinox, which is a potent time for transformation. I took this opportunity and after the session, started regular vocal toning.

Williams prescribed 15 minutes to one hour of vocal toning to balance the missing notes in my voice. I would like to side-track for a brief moment and explain the basis of the system of voice analysis that Williams has developed, which I also offer now as part of my practice, having experienced its transformational effect.

One of the key principles of Hermetic philosophy – “As above, so below” – underlies the foundation of this type of voice analysis, which combines medical astrology and sound healing. More specifically, this approach links the planetary alignment at the time of one’s birth (or natal chart) to the tonal spectrum in one’s voice. According to this method, a musical note corresponds to each zodiacal sign. The analysis aims at discovering what frequencies may be dominant, or missing from one’s voice and how they correspond to the musical notes linked to the zodiac.

In my case, it turned out that I was missing the notes corresponding to my Sun and Moon sign (both in Sagittarius), as well as the ascendant (in Cancer). I took up the vocal toning prescription to heart and started practicing up to a full hour daily in the course of nine months. I found that self-created sound does, indeed, massage the body from within. More importantly, it does assist with metabolism and keeping up the body’s vitality. It also improves muscle strength and endurance, when done regularly. Better concentration and improved verbal expression also count towards the numerous and varied benefits that I experienced as a result of this practice.

On an energy level, sound healing through vocal toning has helped me release body tension caused by stress. Energy, which we do not release in an effective way – be it through sound, sports, or creative projects – stores up in various body parts and can cause long-term, or chronic physical discomfort. Being able to deploy vocal toning as means to release stuck energy has been a transformative experience for me on different levels and one that has yielded many unintended and unexpected benefits.

One of the best ways to use vocal harmonics is humming, or chanting mantras, if you feel so inclined. Make this your sound medicine on daily basis and you will notice results within a few weeks’ time.


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