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Reiki Training Registration Form

Please provide your full name, as you would like it to appear on your Reiki certificate.

Please list your complete mailing address, where you would like your certificate to be mailed. Please enter N/A if you wish to receive an electronic PDF certificate only. 

Please provide your preferred e-mail address.

Note: Astraea Healing Connection offers Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki training for individuals and small groups from three to five people. Training sessions vary in length depending on the size of the group and the familiarity of the participants with Reiki. Currently, Reiki instruction is only offered on weekends US Eastern Standard Time.

Please indicate if you have taken Reiki before and list the highest level attained. (If you are applying for Reiki Level I, please enter N/A.)

Please indicate which level(s) of Reiki you would like to receive attunements for. It is possible to combine the training for Level I and Level II. Please submit a separate form for each level. 

If you have taken Reiki in the past, please describe briefly your experience with the Reiki energy (i.e. self-Reiki, Reiki for others – hands-on, or distance healing, etc.). (If you are applying for Reiki Level I, please enter N/A.)

Please feel free to share any other relevant information either about yourself, or about your goals with Reiki.


Reiki is an energy-based complementary healing modality and should not be considered as a form of medical treatment, or diagnosis.

Your Reiki Training Registration Form has been successfully submitted. Thank you!
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