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  • Kristina Terzieva

Fair Winds & Following Seas: Bringing Balance & Healing to Our Everyday Life Through Distance Reiki

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

“The [Reiki] Distant Symbol is an energetic equivalent of a time machine, because it enables you to connect with anything, anywhere, at any time. This amazingly powerful symbol allows you to “send” healing to anyone (or anything) anywhere in the world, instantaneously,

whether that is a cross the room, across town, or across continents to tother side of the planet.”

– Penelope Quest

The benefits of Reiki as a distance healing energy modality have been widely known and the practice of sending Reiki in absentia isn’t new. Most recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, distance healing has come into focus and has been vital in sending this life force energy to those in need. Aside from the healing and energy balancing qualities of Reiki, a holistic health practitioner, or anyone, who has received Reiki attunements, may deploy the distance Reiki method, alongside other practices or modalities, to achieve optimal results. Based on my personal experience with energy work, sound healing, and meditation, I would like to offer a few examples of how distance Reiki may be combined in different contexts – be it in one’s personal daily practice, or as part of a healing session.

Reiki and Everyday Activities: Travel, Events, and Relationships:

Ensuring our safe commute on daily basis may sound trivial and something that we often may take for granted. Adding a touch of distance Reiki to your travels could go a long way, depending on your circumstances and environment. Here are a few tips that I offer based on my experience with using distance Reiki as an added protection while I travel. If you have your own vehicle, you may start by drawing the power symbol: Choku Rei on the outside and the inside of the vehicle, as well as your steering wheel. Then you may proceed with sending distance Reiki to your entire route all the way to the final destination. You may visualize your route and draw the Reiki symbols on it in the following order: Choku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Choku Rei. I have observed that this approach helps with easing the commute and ultimately makes the trip more pleasant, and also ensures getting to the final destination in a timely manner. Of course, I would not recommend “testing” this method by deliberately leaving late, or getting in risky maneuvers with your vehicle! If your travels involve public transportation, you may Reiki your space by using Choku Rei and then use the same method for sending distance Reiki to your route.

Life events sometimes catch us off-guard and we don’t have much time to assess and analyze a situation from multiple perspectives, before we take action. Occasionally, choosing the most optimal resolve may involve employing a new perspective, or even stepping completely outside our boundaries or “box” of thinking. I have come to appreciate Reiki as a welcome means for aiding in those times when conventional wisdom, or analytical thinking may not offer satisfactory decisions. The distance Reiki formula, which I have used with good success, involves the familiar sequence: Choku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Choku Rei.

The recipe for this method consists of three steps: 1) from your own perspective, clearly outline the situation that you are dealing with (you may write it on a piece of paper, or hold it in your mind); 2) mentally draw the power and the distance symbols as follows: Choku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Choku Rei; 3) in your mind, ask that Reiki assist with the most appropriate resolve of [name the situation], given your circumstances. You may repeat this routine, depending on what the request involves. In doing so, always maintain the intent for the most appropriate outcome to unfold (do not frame a specific outcome).

The main benefit in this exercise stems in facilitating the optimal resolve for you in a given setting, which may not be visible from your current vantage point. Usually, as a result from this technique, either the dynamic of the situation would shift, or you would gain a new level of understanding into it and that would enable you to take necessary action in a timely manner.

Our relationships represent an inseparable part of our life path – be it professional, personal, or among relatives and friends. We move within certain circles, as well as in and out of various involvements throughout our life. Most often, these connections originate from soul contracts and prior incarnations. While embodied in our current lifetime, we have relative freedom in how we handle these interactions. If a challenging dynamic within a group, or between two people appears either hard to grasp, or difficult to overcome, sending some distance Reiki may prove beneficial in harmonizing the interaction. In this context, I would like to emphasize that, sometimes, harmony comes from removing oneself completely from the situation, relationship, circle of friends, or work environment. Therefore, we should not have an expectation that Reiki would “fix” or “smooth” the edges, but it will bring light into whatever aspect of the respective interaction needs healing the most.

The following approach works outside of time and may effectively bring healing to past involvements as well. Similar to sending distance Reiki to events, this technique also involves three steps: 1) clear your mind and set the intent to heal your relationship with [a person, group, organization, etc.]; 2) mentally draw the power, the emotional, and the distance symbols as follows: Choku Rei, Sei Heki, Choku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Choku Rei; 3) in your mind, ask that Reiki heal the past, present, and future of your relationship with [ said person, group, organization, etc.] and bring harmony into the present now. You may repeat this exercise daily, or weekly, depending on the nature of your circumstances, until you notice a shift. In doing so, always maintain the intent to heal the relationship through sending distance Reiki (not to “harmonize” it by asking for a specific outcome).

Since we operate in a four-dimensional reality, time parameters serve to enhance the request and make it relevant to our current moment (now). The “future” aspect involves not just this lifetime, but (potential) future incarnations that may be forthcoming, while the “past” encompasses events from this, or prior lifetimes.

Reiki and Expanded States of Consciousness: Sleep and Meditation:

To secure a good night’s sleep and safe travels, as one journeys through the various realms of consciousness, while asleep, the following simple, three-step technique may be applied: 1) clear your room by mentally drawing Choku Rei in all corners of the room, including the windows and door; 2) clear your bed by drawing Choku Rei on it; 3) as you lay on your bed, set the intent to sleep soundly and visualize the following sequence of Reiki symbols: Choku Rei, Sei Heiki, Choku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Choku Rei. If you are a Reiki Maser, you may add Dai Komyo at the end of the sequence, but that is optional. You may proceed with doing some self-Reiki as you drift away. I have noticed that placing my hands on the heart area helps me fall asleep almost instantly.

If you have a meditation practice, depending on your preference, you may incorporate distance Reiki as a layer of protection. Most guided meditations include setting sacred space and offer an affirmation intended to ensure safe travels. Whether your routine includes guided, or fee-style meditation, adding distance Reiki at the beginning of your journey would create a safe pathway for the entire experience. What I have found beneficial is to mentally draw the power, distance, and master symbols as I set my intent for the specific meditation (be it guided, or not). I visualize the symbols in the following order: Choku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Choku Rei, Dai Komyo. The master symbol – Dai Komyo – is optional. I have added it in this sequence, since I have noticed that it brings much light into the overall experience.

Reiki and Other Energy Healing Modalities: Sound Healing:

Focusing our intent on the healing process is key when working with sound. Jonathan Goldman’s formula used to describe the main principle behind sound healing: frequency + intent = healing holds true for just about any form of energy healing. The combination of Reiki energy and sound frequencies could be a powerful tool for creating an optimal holistic health experience. If you are a sound healer, you may infuse your sessions with Reiki by blending the sound with Reiki energy, through intent and visualization.

For example, while you play, visualize the symbols Choku Rei, Sei Heiki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Alternatively, you may visualize just the master symbol Dai Komyo, or the Japanese kanji characters that express the concept of Reiki. In my practice, any one of these techniques has worked quite well to blend sound frequencies with Reiki, as I send distance Reiki for the purpose of healing.

Sound has the potent power of carrying vibrations across time and space, which makes it a unique vehicle for delivering healing frequencies beyond our immediate surroundings. It also amplifies our mind’s intent to achieve a certain result. Coupled with Reiki, sound healing offers a gentle, yet effective technique to harmonize one’s energy and bring healing, where and when it is needed the most.

Distance Reiki has limitless possibilities for spreading the benefits of this life force energy and making it available to ourselves and others, be it for healing, or as means of bringing more harmony and light into our daily life. Utilizing the various techniques described above offers and opportunity to tap into Reiki as frequently as we need. This, in turn, strengthens our relationship with it, as it becomes part of our lifestyle.


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