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  • Kristina Terzieva

Soulful Fragments: Expressing Our Divine Self Through Art

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

“The artwork opens up in its own way the Being of beings. This opening up, i.e., this de-concealing, i.e., the truth of beings, happens in the work. In the artwork, the truth of what is has set itself to work.

Art is truth setting itself to work.”

– Martin Heidegger

Connecting with our Divine essence can take many different forms ranging from meditation to quiet introspection, or even drawing, dancing, and singing. Expressing our Divine Self through any creative medium holds a potent force for healing through our own creative energy. The creative process and the product – be it an artwork, dance, or a song – combined create a synergy, which charges and heals us and emanates from the artwork itself, even if that happens to be an impromptu live performance.

Finding a spare moment to give way to one’s creativity, whatever form it may take, enables us to establish with ease a trusted relationship with our Divine Self. When we surrender to the process and do not overthink what the end result, or product may be, we allow ourselves to be our truest Self. The flow of creative energy, however brief, assumes the form most beneficial and instructive to us at any given moment. This could be a free flow movement, a poem, a song, a sketch, or a drawing.

Following our intuition and inner guidance as to what form of expression meets the moment best allows us the freedom to connect with different aspects of our Divine Self and discover more of who we are in the process. Experiencing our creative potential through multiple mediums reveals to us the versatility of our Soul and, in turn, gives us a sense of our own multifaceted, multidimensional Being. Being open and receptive for this type of energy opens the pathway to tap into our creative resources. Healing takes place, as we allow ourselves to give expression to the creative forces within us.

In my experience, drawing, writing, jewelry making, and dance-like, free-flow movement have been instrumental in connecting with my Divine essence. I have observed that taking the time to create, even amidst the most hectic periods of my life, provided me with an outlet for alleviating some of the day-to-day stress and gave me the space to be myself, regardless of the circumstances. While in this creative state, I rarely think analytically, but rather let the energy guide me into the most productive mode of expression. Thus, a number of images and poems have come to life, which I have barely shared, but that was never the original intent.

Upon reviewing these fragments of creation, from the perspective of time, I have come to appreciate the creative flashes, which have given me a direct opportunity to express my Divine essence in various ways. These works – drawings, writing, and jewelry pieces – still speak to me and emanate that same energy, which I experienced during the process of creation. To me, the tangible expression of our creativity, which we may also call artwork, carries the energy of our own Being, along with an amalgamation of vibrations representing our emotions at the moment of creation. I often think of this synergy as a state of being that we experience when we create and when we are in the presence of the work/product of our creative labor.



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